I have gone through Facebook and I have choosen 10 cool Facebook pages with creative covers from my favourite music bands and artists.  As you all know, your Facebook cover page is an important element of your Facebook marketing and in my option these bands nail it when it comes to communicating their messages on Facebook.

Previously we talked about creative covers on Facebook and the different messages that organisations want to send (10 creative Facebook page covers you must see).  With music bands; the mission of what they say is slightly more aligned to their needs. For instance they want to reach out to fans, promote their new album, promote their events, be creative with art and so on.

10 creative Facebook pages from music bands

OK. So let us have a look at the top bands and the different types of things that they promote.


So metallica is one of the most legendary bands.  They do two things on their covers. Making aware of new album using the visuals on their Facebook cover.  The second is that they let visitors to their Facebook page go straight to their shopping portal with the latest album.  https://www.facebook.com/Metallica/

The beatles

The beatles have a cool thing on – Remixed:Repackaged happening in May 2017.  Book your seats to the event from their affiliate website. https://www.facebook.com/thebeatles/


So the guy is not around anymore but he has many fans.  This page is dedicated to Elvis.  All the historical pictures and quote are found on this page.  The Facebook cover is clean with no message but the Facebook button takes you to an application on iTunes (which is the main thing they want to promote). https://www.facebook.com/elvis/

Micheal Jackson

So this is another musicial in the hall of fam.  The Facebook cover is clean and they promote their newsletter on this page. https://www.facebook.com/michaeljackson/


She had very vintage image on her Facebook page and promotes her current tour. https://www.facebook.com/madonna/

Rolling Stones

Here the bands had great visual from their tour and message is very clear.  They are currently promoting their European tour “Stones – No filter”.  The button takes you their blog. https://www.facebook.com/therollingstones/


U2 is an awesome band and they are promoting their latest tour too.  The only question is why they have a Christmas message this late in the year? Maybe they need to update their video message a bit I guess. https://www.facebook.com/u2/

Bob Marley

Bob Markley and the Wailers are now promoting their music application.  Just follow the Use App button. https://www.facebook.com/BobMarley/


So some might of you might not have heard from them but they are cool South African band. On their Facebook page they are showing behind the scenes and you can click through to iTunes to buy their music. https://www.facebook.com/WONDERboom-87390451053/?fref=ts

Just Jinger

They are a South African band active in the USA.  They are promoting their new album so just click on Book Now to get it on iTunes. https://www.facebook.com/justjinjer


So as you can see that most artists and bands follow simple but clear objectives.  Show a creative and promote something commercial by the use of the Facebook button.

  • Also remember to update you call to action button (Facebook cover and CTA)
  • Remember to keep you communications up to date unlike U2 (see the Xmas message being promoted in May 🙁  )
  • Choose the Facebook button carefully to fit what you are promoting (Read about the CTA buttons)

If you have any other things you noticed or other cool bands leave comments on Social media or below.