Facebook pages are the faces of your company and very important part of your marketing.  Facebook pages  are important because Facebook has over 1.5 billion monthly active users and the exposure to your brand is great.  Think of your Facebook page more like a call centre or a media hub for posting interests and news for your brand.  As well as getting to know your customers’ needs and getting their input.

You can see the different elements of a Facebook Page here.  You can easily start customising the page by putting linked buttons and call to action on your Facebook cover (see how here).  Since most pages show examples that are quiet old and out of date; here are 10 Facebook pages that get their marketing covers right.  Enjoy!

10 creative Facebook pages we have seen

So let us list some good examples of Facebook Page covers that have these different and very important call to actions and ojectives.

1 Be Creative


This Facebook page posts life hacks and other very creative content.  Their Facebook page cover encourages visitors to follow them by showing visitors what to do.  This a great way to “help” visitors to do want you want them to do.  Tip: use this space to help visitors to follow you or explain to them how to do something.

2 I Feaking Love Science


So this one is interesting since they have a title that is is not the same a their Facebook URL for obvious reasons.  They have very good viral scientific oriented content. You will enjoy it; that is guaranteed.  They decided to quote a famous scientific writer of the 20th century.  Very strong image of the Earth from orbit with the quote next to it. Tip: Use a quote to give an impression of your mission statement and build authority.

3 Uber Facts


Uber Facts gives a lot of viral content about everything and anything.  Very nice page to follow.  They have a product that they want to push so the Facebook cover and call to action buttons present those objective immediately.  The button takes you to so you can buy the book.  Tip: link to your e-commerce to get maximum exposure.

4 Lost Box


Lost Box tries to connect people that lost or left something with people that found the particular items.  Their cover page is pushing their mobile application.  The cover contains a strong motivation to download the application.  Tip: If you have an application try to link it on Facebook.  You might have great results.

5 Human of New York


This Facebook page tries to show the human side of humanity and tries to connect people’s stories on a personal level.  Their main focus right now on their Facebook cover is a campaign to help people from war zones.  That is not all they do but that is what they are focusing on. Tip: If you have any current projects that you can be proud of; tell people more about these projects on your Facebook cover.

6 Ford South Africa


So do you have a new product on the shelf.  Show it off like Ford South Africa and include a button to your website to that one product.  Simple and effective. Tip: If you have anything, e.g. competitions, products, surveys, etc. link to it from Facebook.

7 Aetna


Insurance is not easy to sell.  Most people ask how much before the agent finishes talking.  This insurance company focuses on their members’  feelings such as mindfulness and keeping calm.  They have a cover image with their campaign #takeamoment and a website.  Did I mention that the website is made using  Tip: You can be subtle in your message and also link to your social media sites.

8 Google


Google Inc has a Facebook page… Say what… Yes they have and they post everything from technology to their doodles.  Tip: you can post things that are happening in your business on the Facebook cover if that is something you strongly feel about.

9 Woolworths South Africa


This shopping market chain in South Africa does their cover right.  They announce their latest promotions. All their followers get a message that they have changed their cover photo and you reach 700k+ users. Simple  Tip: By announcing your business latest offering you can reach your Facebook fans by changing your Facebook Cover.

10 Springboks


The sport’s team giants the Springboks have a very interesting page cover.  They don’t focus only on their team but on their social obligation and responsibilities in development.  Tip: don’t always have things people should do for your brand or business but show what you are doing for them and society.

See more about customising the page by putting buttons and call to action on your Facebook cover (see how here).  Remember to go through which buttons apply to your business.