So you want to download a cool music video or its audio from YouTube.  If you have videos on your channel that you would like to download to keep safe (Uploading to your channel) or your want to keep them for future viewing. Or if you want to simply download some interesting videos. Here are a 3 ways I found to download videos off YouTube that will make your lives a joy.

Download using the KISS URL method

Simply enter the work ‘kiss’ after the www. in the URL of the video you want to download.

You will be presented with some options (see below try this URL if you want

You will be presented with options to save the audio or video.  For video the MP4 (720p – high quality), MP4 (360p – low quality), WEBM (360p), 3GPP (240p) and 3GPP (144p). For audio we can choose MP3, MP4A or WEBM formats.  This is cool because you can download music and play on our mp4 player or phone later.

Note that not all videos will support this. Especially longer videos, live streams and some copy protected content.

Download your videos from Creator Studio

If you are the channel owner or video creator then simply log into YouTube and go to you Creator Studio.  Then under your Video simply click Edit > Download MP4.  The video should download as an MP4 and you can play it.  Check our videos here.

Get a browser plugin to download videos off your YouTube

You can also use a extension or addon for your browser.  I have been using Video DownloadHelper in Firefox to download videos (also you can get it for Chrome).  You can get the extension at . The cool thing about this extension is that you use it on Twitter and Facebook or anything that is streaming on your screen.

Other methods

There are other methods to download videos from YouTube.  Let us know what works best for you besides these 3 best methods we showcased.