From time to time you need your subscribers to fill out custom fields when subscribing to your newsletters.  Below I will show you how to create a new custom form field and add it to your subscription database.

Create the custom field

Log into Evelytic account and choose Forms > custom fields.


Then click “New” to bring up a new Custom fields Properties option.  The types of fields you can create include Text, Large Text, Whole number, Decimal number, List, Date, Multiple Value.  Give the field a name.  Once you are done with all the options for the custom field click “Save”.


Add the Custom Field into you Form

Go to your subscription forms and either create a new form or choose a form that you have created previously.  When in editing mode you will be able to add any custom fields that you have created.  Simply drag the field you created from the left hand side field selection.  You should make the field required. Simply click “Edit”


Remember to continue to the last step to apply your changes.

preview form