Application tabs on the left hand side of your Facebook page display applications and shortcuts to additional pages.  These include your About page and Shop tabs; but you can add custom pages that link to other networks and custom applications.


We will show you a couple of ways you can do to arrange, add and customise these tabs on Facebook.

Arranging and moving your application tabs

At the bottom of the tabs menu the last item is Manage Tabs.  This will take you to Edit Page (see below). To reorder your tabs you can drag any tab to reorder them.  Settings will reveal the URL of the application in the tab.


Adding a new Application for Facebook into your application tabs

Adding applications is as easy as looking for them.  Simply look for an applications that you want to add. In our example we looked for a Twitter application to add.  We simply searched for twitter in the search bar and then chose the application filter tab (Apps).  Look for Twitter Tab for pages.  Click on Use Now to start the process to add the tab to your page.


Now you will be taken to the description page with a Screen shot of the application.  Click on Install App to continue.


There will be a pop-up named Add Page Tab.  Here you select what Facebook Page will receive the Twitter Tab.  Click on Add Page Tab once you chose which page will receive the tab.


You should be redirected to the page where you are adding this tab.  Once you are there and you land on the home page, click on the tab you just added, it should be the last one on the list (in the tabs menu).  Facebook might need to verify you as a person, just accept and continue to settings.


Here (above) you will be presented with the application settings.  For each application there are different settings; from how many grids of images to display to how many posts to show, etc.  Here for twitter it only asks us for the twitter handle that we want to display.  In this instance I just want my twitter ( – @askFASTnow to show.  Insert the settings (in my example Twitter Username) and click on Save settings.

The result


For each application your settings will be different and there might be several applications for the same thing available in your search for application tabs.

Quick links to Our Favourite Apps

Here is a list of our favourite Apps on Facebook for application tabs:

You can also install other apps as onto application tabs on your page including applications you make yourself.

Removing Application Tabs on Facebook

Here is out tutorial on how to find to remove Apps on Facebook (Click here).