How to change or modify your facebook name and URL is very easy.  But there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Remember that rules about names on Facebook

Facebook tends to require people to use their real world names.  The main reason is that it is so big that it knows most internet connected people and want to link you to your friends and your family in real life.  Also using your real name makes that whole process safer.

According to What names are allowed on Facebook? help page; you should avoid these in your name:

  • Symbols and numbers
  • Weird foreign language characters
  • Titles and professional prefixes
  • Random words
  • Profanity

Remember that your name needs to be what you would put down on an identification form or official documents.  If you have nicknames put them in as additional names (see below).  Do not pretend to be somebody else. Facebook will figure it out and suspend your account.

How to Change your name on Facebook


To get to the menu to change your name, log into Facebook and go to the drop down at the top most right hand menu and select Settings from the drop down.  The first thing that displays is the General Account Settings as above. 

Here you can modify your Name (click on Edit on the right) – and here you can change your First name, Middle name and Last name.  You can also add other names here too.

You can also change your username which will change your URL

Once you are done with your name change; click on Review Change which will prompt you for your password to complete the change.  Just click on Save changes and you are done.

Other tips and things

If you are a company your need to create a Page on Facebook. For that you do need a real person profile on Facebook. Have a look at these company profiles here.