I came across an interesting question the other day.  If people are buying images from photo stock agencies and using those images on their websites; we will have the same images from stock agencies used for different subjects and purposes on multiple websites.  And these images are now used in different contexts in different places across the world wide web. So the question is how do we check: for what purpose are those images, you are purchasing from stock agencies, really being used for? And do they fit with your website’s message and SEO keywords.  Let us explore a quick one way to find out.

How to find out using Google Image search?

There easiest way to find out is to use Google Image search – https://www.google.com/imghp?  Simply follow the URL or go to your Google apps and click on the Images icon (see below).

Now search an image from a photo stock agency

Now find an image you have downloaded an image from a photo stock agency.  Any photo stock agency image will do; an image form depositphotos.com or shutterstock.com or any other stock agency.  Many people use these agencies because they can get great images for their websites at very reasonable prices.  Not if you have your image you may preform the Google Image search to find out how that image is being used on the web.

To perform the image search:

  • Go to www.google.com/imghp.
  • Drag and drop your image into the search
  • See the results for your image

Below are the results that I got for the image I bought for a photo stock agency.

Image search engine result page (SERP)

Let me break down the results a little bit.  On the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP), Google found the image that I searched for and the image size.  Google also picked up the most relevent keywords – “support group”.  This is what the image rank for in terms of keywords.  Next we get  the 2 top resulting pages on the web, similair images and then by Pages that include matching images.  Now if you go through the websites that contain the image (Pages that include matching images) it is important to note that these pages might be talking about just one subject matter.  This is most important because if you are trying to build on the keywords for the image; you need to match your purpose to the image with the rest.  If you use the image in a different way; try to at least make a logical connection.

In the results Google lists all the pages on the web which contain this image we can say that most websites have a very uniform subject matter.  It might not always be the case with your image.

If you look into other keywords here (just find and follow the search result to another photo stock agency for your iamge); the image includes keywords like – support, support group meeting, group therapy, counseling, women support group, support icon, support concept, help, group, family support, support team.  You need to consider if the image makes sense for your website and your purpose.

How to optimize your images for SEO

If you would like to know how to add SEO keywords in your WordPress post read How to add SEO to images in WordPress easily.

Follow this check list to optimize images for SEO or keywords when buying them from photo stock agencies:

  • Use the right image with related keywords or subject matter
  • Optimize the size of the image for your website (Read How to Save for Web in Photoshop and improve downloads speeds)
  • Add your alt tags using full sentences
  • Make sure your image includes your keywords in its file name
  • You can include your images in your site map
  • Use the same image across social media and advertising campaigns
  • Use more recent or unique images when buying images