To export contacts from your contact list is simple. Simply follow these steps.

Go the Export Contact

Log into Everlytic.  Go to Contacts > Export.



Now select the list you want to export from and click View.


Choose your filter options.  Contacts to Export options can be Active, Bounced, Unsubscribe, Unconfirmed, Off or All. With Any, Email or Mobile subscription.

You will see that you can Select Fields to export include the usual Name, Last name, Email, Mobile, Subscription dates and so on.  Additional Properties include Address, date of birth, rating – these are the system fields you can ask people about.  Custom fields are fields that you can make in order to ask additional information from subscribers.

Export Contacts

Now click Export button on the top right hand corner.

Once you exported your database you can open it in Excel.  In excel you can manipulate the data for instance by sorting it my name or subscription date.

If you need to know when a subscriber subscribed make sure you check the Subscribe Date field when exporting.  Then you can use Excel to sort the data (see How to filter by column in Microsoft Excel.)