Bloggers that have been on Twitter want to keep growing their Twitter following.  Growing the following requires a bit of time, bit of planning with action plans and some good content.

So you have been growing your following for some time now it might be time to prune your followers for better effectiveness of your account.  Use any tools to analyse your account which tell you how your followers are interacting with your account.  Unfollow followers that are fake from your account, message these that interact the most and write better content to get your followers excited about your Twitter account.

See your who your Twitter following is

If you have been growing your Twitter following for some time; you will be familiar with Audience insights in Twitter. This audience might be slightly different then your business’ core customers since your reach online and conversations reach is wider then just your actual customers.  It does not mean that everybody online is going to be your customer but you want to have a conversation/following with as many people as possible; who would be interested in your subject matter.  You might one day try to convert them into customers.

To see your audience analytics and go to Analytics > Demographics (see below)

Know what your Twitter followers like

There are a few interesting ways to get a sense of what kind of tweets and content works for your audience.  In your Twitter analytics click on Tweets to get to Tweet activity and see which tweets get the highest impressions and engagments.

Tweet Activity

There are a few things you can keep doing to grow your twitter following:

  • Follow quality accounts and influencers in your niche market.
  • Use scheduling software like Hoosuite ( to plan you tweets ahead.
  • Make sure your bio is well written and contains a link.Twitter Bio
  • Use hashtags, links and emojicons in your tweets. And if possible images.
  • Keep the engagements rates up by messaging followers and replying to comments.
  • Purge fake accounts from time to time.
  • Connect with people in off-line and forums.

Comment below on any suggestions that work for you. 🙂

Cleaning up spam followers

After a years of follows and working on twitter I had a lot of fake followers; so I needed a tool to help me sort through all the followers and the people I followed in during that time.  So I subscribed for free to ManageFlitter (See here How to manage your Twitter followers using ManageFlitter) which helped me idenify old, inactive and spammy accounts.

My criteria to unfollow are:

  • If they have never tweeted before I don’t follow them (or unfollow)
  • If they are not tweeting about my area of interest I will unfollow them
  • If they are not active on twitter for 3 or more months then I unfollow them because they are not on twitter game anymore because
    • personal accounts stop tweeting when they leave a job where they had to tweet
    • business ccounts have gone bust or are neglacting their social media
    • brands have disapeared, been sold or are up in the air.
  • If they are tring to be funny or over sensitive to things.

I recommend looking into your Twitter account a few times a month so that you can have a great following base that creates lots of engagement.