Sometimes there is a need to keep on viewing a report with a specific segment in Google analytics over and over again.  You do not want to keep on setting segments and re-setting your views for your most common reports that you constantly re-make.

There is a simple solution that Google analytics has implemented.  They gave us Google Analytics Shortcuts which sits neatly below your Dashboards in Google Analytics (see below).


If you click on the Overview; you will by default not see any Shortcuts reports unless you have made some before.  Let us create a custom report and add it to out Shortcuts so that you can reuse this report setting in the future.

Step 1 Add segment to your report

So go to any report view – Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour or Conversions.  Here add a segment from gallery, add one manually or import an pre-made one (Download must-have audience segments for Google analytics).  I have chosen a Geo tagging segment for my example.


You are welcome to create any reports – to see what is possible go the the post on How to read the data and audience overview in Google analytics (Go and see points 4, 5, 13, 14, 15).

Step 2 Add your report view to the Google Analytics Shortcuts


You will see that the ‘Shortcut‘ option next to ‘Add to Dashboard’. Click the ‘Shortcut’ once you are done with your report; and a pop-up will appear.


Now enter a name for this shortcut – I named mine All vs. SA only since the report only contains data for the geo segment; that will tell me how many people are coming to my site from the world and from that country.  Press OK to save the shortcut.

Step 3 You are now able to view your report in shortcuts


Now you are able to view you custom report with custom segments from the Shortcuts menu.


These reports will save all your custom segments and anything you drill down into; the only thing you need to set is your date range.