Your Facebook cover is the first thing people see on your Facebook page.  Facebook pages have had a redesign and it might be time to change things on Facebook.  Read our article on the changes as of July 2016 here.  It is important to align your Facebook Cover with your marketing strategy.  So we will look at some of the things you can do on your Facebook cover

Create your new Facebook page cover

So now you have a Facebook cover that has no distracting features that enables you to be more creative.  You can now create your page covers with text (don’t worry about the the 20% rule) and be as creative as often as you like (change your cover on a regular basis).  Make sure your dimensions for your image are 828 x 315 pixels.

Screenshot from 2016-08-17 10-24-19

You can match your call to action location buttons to your needs in desktop view.  Tweak till you think that is right for mobile application too.

The main call to action buttons include Like the page, Like the page as Page (More option) and your call to action button that can include things like subscribe to newsletter or any other button that facebook has given you to choose.

You can also insert a description of what you do or a message within the image.  Just remember to make it all readable.

Place you Facebook cover on Facebook and check how it sits

Go to Facebook and change your cover image.  See how it sits and you can keep changing it whenever you want to. Adjust for any alignment issue and if the font is too small t read it – increase the font size.


Go to our Facebook page to see more tutorials.

Tips for your Facebook cover

Here are some tips and ideas;