So I came across Disqus when I started building sites and I also chose it for my blog.  I found it much better then the default WordPress comments and better then some other comment management tools.  Disqus is a whole other social network of sorts.  It integrates with your blog well and is easy to manage. And it seems a little safer since it does not live on your server.

How Disqus works

Anybody that read any of your posts or articles finds the comments at the bottom.  That is where the plugin lives, just after the end of your post or article. In order for them to post anything, they need to log into their account using credentials from Twitter, Facebook, Google or Disqus.   You will still have the ability to approve the comment on your website but since the person is know and has some basis in reality you can almost be assured that they will not post inappropriate things.

Adding Disqus to my blog

Below is the an example of Disqus in action.  You have me logged in to post comments on comments (answering comments).  It is important to keep on engaging people just like you would do on social networks.  It you click on the profile of any person that commented on your post or article you will get a side bar with their profile and comments.  Very useful when you see how have those people been commenting and who they are.

Disqus in action!

You can go to to add the plugin onto any website. If you have WordPress then simply add the plugin ( via your Plugins > Add new and then just look for Disqus in on your WordPress admin side.  Then simply add the plugin and activate.

Login into

Like I have mention before Disqus is a whole comment network and if you log into then you will see a whole world of the commenting network.  You can follow people, channels, like comments, comment on other articles, and so much more.  Try it out today!


Conclusions and tips

If you have a default WordPress commenting system and want something that has all the bells and whistles Disqus is yours to try.  It has everything you might want.

Some tips on using and working within the Disqus network:

  • Reply to comments on your website
  • Upvote comments that you like
  • Flag any comments that should not be posted like; self promotions, personal attacks, etc.